About GUOCHAO3928

A shop that was idea FRESH. We believed fashion was FUN, and should never be taken too seriously. Patterns pop of color, new shapes, and never-before-seen styles products are all fits the streetwear basic style.

Our focus was on innovation; breaking down the walls of fashion and making clothes designed with REAL LIFE in mind. Not just ‘fashion, for fashion’s sake,’ but clothes that simplify style choices.

Today GUOCHAO3928 is global streetwear and fashion brand that continues to design clothes and more those relative products with real-life in mind. Building on our heritage, we’re simultaneously INNOVATING and challenging ourselves to have a FRESH and RELEVANT outlook on life, so that we can create a VERSATILE and adaptable wardrobe.

This passion and OPTIMISM for living life to the full is instilled in the culture, sewn into every product. But it’s not a solo mission, we want to build a world that is INCLUSIVE. Where everyone can seize every opportunity and live without limits.